A Kick-off to Comfort Food

November 7, 2019

Black Bean & Veal Chili

Who can resist a steaming bowl of chili? Made with ground veal, the fabulous chili flavours shine through and the meat stays tender. Serve it with crispy tortilla chips and a sprinkle of shredded old cheddar cheese.

Veal Moussaka

For an easy meal anytime, this savoury veal casserole can be fully assembled ahead and baked the next day.

Comfort foods that are hearty & healthy

Fall is comfort-food season, which often means heartier meals to keep our bellies satisfied. Classic comfort food sometimes has the reputation of not being healthy, but the opposite is true when you use Ontario veal, which is a delicious, nutrient packed protein, low in saturated fat, high in iron, zinc and B12. Ontario veal is a perfect lean protein choice, as it is tender and flavourful, yet won’t overwhelm other ingredients.

From family-friendly pasta dishes like Veal Lasagna and Veal Braciole Ragu to a Traditional Ontario Veal Paprikash – the Ontario Veal Appeal website has something for every comfort food craving.  What’s your favourite?