Fire Up The Grill with Ontario Veal

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Recipe of the Month

Ontario Veal Brochettes with Mojito Salad

Looking for the Best Veal Sandwiches in Ontario?

Check out the map below for a guide to restaurants serving up delicious veal sandwiches that we’ve discovered during our Search for Ontario’s Best Veal Sandwich. Going on a road trip so you can be your own judge? Tag @OntarioVealAppeal in your photos so we can share your experience with our followers and fans! 

Fire up the Grill with Ontario Veal!

Cooking Methods

Want to create restaurant-style meals, veal roasts, stews and more?

Low in saturated fat, high in iron, zinc and B12

Ontario veal is a delicious, lean, nutrient-packed protein that is an ideal complement to a healthy lifestyle.